Sunday Club enjoy a Pizza Party 

Members of Sunday Club - our Sunday school at Bishop Ridley - recently enjoyed enjoyed making and eating pizza together. 

On Saturday 6 November, more than 20 young people from Falconwood came together to make pizzas. Using fresh dough, the young people created their bases, added tomato sauce and liberally sprinkled a variety of toppings. They were then baked to perfection. The delicious pizzas were then enjoyed by all - including the mums, dads and Sunday club leaders who enjoyed a few cheeky slices too. 

Rev Mark, said:
"It was great to have some many of our young people and their families together for fun and food. The pizzas were really yummy. It was great to be back together and to catch up with everyone. I'm looking forward to our next meet up. "

Sunday Club will be performing the Nativity story in church on Sunday 19 December. If your child would like to be involved please email

You can find out more about Sunday Club and their  activities by emailing

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