It's Nicholas Ridley day!  

Nicholas RidleyHave you ever wondered where the name Bishop Ridley church comes from? Bishop Nicholas Ridley was a real person, born in 1500. He was an influential figure in the English reformation but was eventually martyred on this day in 1555. You can read more about his life here

Commemoration of Nicholas Ridley
What is a Commemoration? Commemorations are a type of religious observance in the many Churches of the Anglican Communion, including the Church of England. They are the least significant type of observance, the others being Principal Feasts, Principal Holy Days, Festivals, and Lesser Festivals. Whereas Principal Feasts must be celebrated, it is not obligatory to observe Commemorations. They are always attached to a calendar date, and are not observed if they fall on a Sunday, in Holy Week, or in Easter Week. In Common Worship Commemorations are not provided with collects or indications of liturgical colour. However, they may be celebrated as Lesser Festivals if local pastoral conditions suggest it. You can read the Church of England's calendar here
So today we celebrate Nicholas Ridley's life, his teachings and standing up for what we believe in. 

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