"I would have appreciated some pants or socks" 

On Sunday (10 October 2021) Bishop Ridley Church heard from Tony, a 'companion' from Emmaus, about his experience of living on the streets as part of Homeless Sunday. Tony explained what had led him to live on the street, what life was like on the streets and how support from Emmaus has helped turn his life around and given him hope. Tony also took questions from the congregation. One of the questions was how can we best support any homeless people we come across? Tony's suggestion was to give them your time. In addition, he said buy them something to eat or drink by all means but what they probably most appreciate is some new pants or socks. Women would probably appreciate feminine hygiene products. Watch the full video here

During the service the church heard about how the charity Emmaus was started and its founder Abbé Pierre. The church also prayed for all those who are homeless. 

The service followed the Harvest Festival Service, the previous Sunday. Half of the gifts given at the Harvest Festival service were given to Emmaus GreenwhichFind out more about how you can support Emmaus

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